“Tapeka Trait” Kunekune piglets are coming to South Carolina!


We’re incredibly excited to announce that “Tapeka Trait” piglets will be arriving on the farm in the near future.

These beautiful babies are coming to us all the way from Washington State, bred by Pamela Farris at ROCK STAR Vittle Piggies – RSVP

We are adding a boar and a gilt that display the high white/black/ginger color blocking known as the “Tapeka Trait”. You can find full information about the Tapeka & Ivanleigh Belly Band traits on the AKPR Facebook page.

These piglets will potentially produce belting, color blocking and more high percentage white with accents of black and ginger, when paired with certain pigs in our herd.

Not only that, but the Tapeka bloodline has some of the fastest growth rates/size and largest litter sizes of all Kunekune bloodlines. Growth rates are very important to our farm goals.

So without further ado, please meet our upcoming Tapeka Trait additions:

The gorgeous high white gilt (with ginger/black spotted head), “RSVP Siouxsie Sioux” (Wilsons Gina/Tuahuru x BH Tutaki/Tapeka) and the high white/black boar, “RSVP Freddie Mercury” (Tapeka/Boris x Mahia Love or Andrew)

Stay tuned for more pictures, and their eventual arrival!

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