Salmon Faverolles Chickens

Salmon Faverolles are a magnificent breed of French origin. We obtained our initial breeding quad in 2017 from Sandra Provost’s Nimblequik farms. They are out of Boulanger/Merlin/Patterson/Cloverleaf lines. A cock bird out of Bolder View/Knox lines was added in 2019, and as of this writing in 2022, I’m two more generations into weaving these lineages together to create consistent birds that meet SOP.

My flock focuses on correct female coloration.

I offer hatching eggs for sale twice a year- typically in late Fall and Spring/Late Spring. Fertility rate is tested in my own incubators prior to starting to offer hatching eggs. Eggs are $85 shipped priority mail, and $60 picked up in West Union, SC.

Usual disclaimers with hatching eggs apply! I go over this in greater detail when we’re discussion a transaction.