Come on out and try our new MAPLE BOURBON sausage!

We’ve worked hard on perfecting this recipe, and after several test batches, it is perfect and ready to roll out! Our newest sausage variety- MAPLE BOURBON- will be available for purchase at this weekend’s markets, or for farm gate pickup. This decadent premium linked sausage contains generous amounts of real maple syrup and Wild Turkey 101 bourbon. We hope to…

Two AMBA Registered, Certified Pure Meishan Gilts Available!

Two Meishan gilts remain from MooShu’s 5/17 litter! $900 each- breeding pair discount available.  Whether you’re raising to conserve the breed, or crossing with another breed to add the Meishan’s distinctive red meat color and gorgeous marbling to your product… starting off with American Meishan Breeders Association registered & certified pure stock is the way to go. (Check my album…

Know your Breeder: Important Information about Purchasing Registered Kunekune Pigs

Kunekune pigs are growing in popularity for good reason. They are a joy to raise, and many people are realizing their potential as meat pigs. Whether you’re a homesteader, small farmer, heritage breed conservationist, or a 4H or FFA participant- Kunekune pigs are the top choice for being smaller in size and easier to manage, and for their propensity for…

Delicious: succulent and crispy roasted Kunekune pork belly

Last week,  15 year old Connor, who is a HUGE fan of Gordon Ramsay, found this recipe and requested that we cook it up ASAP. I sent him off to the meat freezer to find the perfect piece of pork belly for this adventure. Yesterday afternoon, we enjoyed this scrumptious dish, made even more perfect accompanied by summer squash and…

KuneKune Pulled Pork

Excellent pulled pork recipe, perfect for our smaller, “crock pot sized” boston butts and picnic shoulders!

Connor's 4-H Heritage Breeds Project

My Mom and I are making pulled pork for the first time. I am going to tell you the recipe and how it tasted. We decided to cook it in the crock pot instead of the oven.

The part of the pig we used for the pig is a picnic ham. picnic ham is the lowest part of the pigs shoulder. It is a lot more tough and fatty than most cuts of meat, it has a very meaty texture.

Pulled Pork is known as one of the most popular dishes in the south. You can get it pretty much any where. Barbeque is so famous due to it starting in the south. It first started when Native Americans started barbequeing pigs that were introduced to them by the Spanish.

We researched some recipes online and added ingredients from two recipes, and added our own ideas to make our pulled pork.

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Say Hello to “General Tso Jr”, our first Retained Meishan boar!

With the rapid growth of MooShu’s litter of ten, we’ve been able to quickly determine who our litter picks are! This is a very exciting time for us, as we are working with previously unavailable genetics that have been isolated within the research lab projects for over 20 years. Our goal is to bring those genetics back together and selectively…

Our First Proprietary Linked Sausage Now Available… “Dante’s Delicata”

Check out our newest premium sausage, available at the weekly Pumpkintown Market Farmers Market, or farm gate pickup! This is “Dante’s Delicata“, a sweet Italian sausage with Asiago cheese and organic spinach, pork provided by our rare breed heritage Kunekune pigs. It’s named after my Grandfather, Dante Calderan (shown pictured as a young boy in Corva, Italy, with my Great…