Petite Kunekune Whole Loin-Halved Wrap Roast

Originally prepared for Easter 2019, we brought in a number of half and whole loins as a special holiday offering. This recipe features the entire primal cut loin section of a smaller pig.

We’ve brined the loin, then cut the loin in half, seasoned with a sea salt/black pepper/brown sugar/garam masala rub, and stuffed with apples, shallots, garlic, rosemary. The two loin sections are tied with cotton twine, rubbed with olive oil and pierced with cloves, and roasted at 325F for 20 minutes per pound.

The result? Perfection! This is a true statement centerpiece dish for any holiday meal or special occasion. This recipe was inspired by a half wrap roast prepared by Lonedove KuneKunes.

Each photo has a caption describing the process.

Kunekune pork pork loin primal cut
Whole loin section from a younger pig. These halves range in weight from 8-11 pounds
Kunekune pork pork loin primal cut
The loin is halved and ready to be seasoned and stuffed.

Brine Kunekune pork tender pork
But first, a brine. My go-to brine is sea salt, fennel, star anise, fennel seed, juniper berries and bay leaves.
Submerge in the brine for several hours.
These two loin halves will be stuffed with apples, garlic, rosemary and shallots that are drizzled with olive oil, sea salt and pepper.
Stuffing the loin.
The loin is tied, then a dry rub of sea salt, black pepper, brown sugar and garam masala is rubbed all over the entire two tied roast pieces.
Cloves are pieced into the skin and scattered on the top with more olive oil.
325 F for 20 minutes per pound. Skin is crispy, deepest center portion of the meat is at 160F with a meat thermometer. Remove the ties and enjoy!
Ready to carve, slice, pull… however you want to cut it!


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