Corva Bella Farm is the Mother and Son team of Connor Michael Bell and Cristiana Calderan Bell. Our sustainable, small permaculture farm is located in the Ebenezer region of Oconee County, in South Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge foothills.

We offer top quality Kunekune breeding stock, with a focus on conformation, larger size and faster growth rates for pork production. Our conservation breeding program strives to produce Kunekune pigs with adult weights ranging from 250-400 pounds, and yearling weights of 150-175 pounds with body types best suited for maximum yield and cut size.

We have the largest and most genetically diverse herd of rare Kunekune pigs in the beautiful state of South Carolina, representing the following bloodlines: Jenny, Trish, Rona, Wilsons Gina, Awakino, Tonganui, Ru, Tutanekai, Mahia Love, Andrew. We maintain multiple members of each bloodline in our herd, for use in our selective breeding.

Our rare breed heritage pork is raised in our forest land and on pasture, and is USDA processed and packed by an Animal Welfare Approved facility. Retail cuts and sausages are available for farm purchase by appointment, and at various local area farmers markets. This year we will be adding new sausage varieties, cured bacon and rendered lard to our offerings!