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Kunekune Maori pigs for pasture & pork
Registered breeding stock

Corva Bella Farm is the Mother and Son team of Connor Michael Bell and Cristiana Calderan Bell. Our sustainable, small farm is located in the Ebenezer region of Oconee County, in South Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge foothills.

We offer top quality AKPR Registered Kunekune breeding stock, with a focus on conformation, larger size and faster growth rates for pork production. Our conservation breeding program strives to produce Kunekune pigs with adult weights ranging from 250-400 pounds, and yearling weights of 150-200 pounds with body types best suited for maximum yield and cut size.

We have the largest and most genetically diverse herd of rare Kunekune pigs in the beautiful state of South Carolina, representing the following bloodlines: Jenny, Trish, Rona, Rebecca Gina, Wilsons Gina, Awakino, Tonganui, Ru, Tutanekai, Mahia Love,  and Te Whangi.

Our rare breed heritage craft pork is uniquely different!
  • Unlike supermarket pork, our pigs are bred for taste rather than leanness. They are an old fashioned style pig, known as a “lard breed”.
  • Our pork is different by sight alone- the deep red color is both inherent to the breed’s genetics, as well as the slow, outdoor rearing.
  • Pigs reared outdoors, and raised slowly (12-18 months) results in excellent marbling and intramuscular fat, creating incredibly tender pork.
  • Slow growth means a tastier product.
  • Our are happy pigs, and happy pigs taste better. We’d never consider raising pigs in a tiny pen, indoors, or on concrete. Ours are reared outside, free ranging on pasture and in the forest. Piglets stay with their mothers until 6-10 weeks of age depending on breed, litter size, and sow condition.
  • Kunekune and Meishan pigs are bred by a few select breeders who prioritize the breed’s purity, conformation and traceability via pedigreed registration.
  • In buying rare breed pork, you are helping to create demand for rare breeds in need of conservation, which in turn will encourage breeders to continue working with these amazing animals to meet demand for both breeding stock and meat stock!
  • In short, every bite of our pork helps to conserve the breeds we work with. It makes it possible for us to continue our work, manage the intricacies of our breeding program, and do our best work possible.