This website is in transition as the farm has moved away from breeding registered Kunekune pigs and selling pork since my son enlisted in the Air Force.

Many of my best breeding pigs went to Winged Magnolia Farm in Pelzer, SC. In fact, they are working almost entirely with CORVA genetics, and their own homegrown stock bred out of CORVA genetics. You can inquire with them about availability on Facebook.

At this time, I offer Salmon Faverolles hatching eggs twice a year, in late Fall and late Spring, meat cross rabbit kits for homestead use, seasonal foraged floral blossom jellies and preserves, and my proprietary line of farm-crafted soaps, salves and balms. The latter are all limited production because I no longer have consistent access to Kunekune fat and leaf lard.

I maintain a large garden throughout the year, supplemented with rabbit manure, and regularly forage on my land. I share a lot on Facebook (not so much on Instagram although I do have an account there), and would like to start blogging here more regularly.

I am currently studying to be a Certified South Carolina Beekeeper, and the first colonies of Carniolan/Italian bees will be arriving in the Spring of 2023!

Please visit me on Facebook or Instagram!

You can purchase my lard soaps, salves, balms and jams/jellies HERE