Connor’s Kunekune Pulled Pork

Connor’s pulled pork recipe, originally written for his 4H project blog in 2019. Enjoy!

My Mom and I are making pulled pork for the first time. I am going to tell you the recipe and how it tasted. We decided to cook it in the crock pot instead of the oven.

The part of the pig we used for the pig is a picnic ham. picnic ham is the lowest part of the pigs shoulder. You can also use pork shoulder called Boston Butt, or fresh pork ham.

Pulled Pork is known as one of the most popular dishes in the south. You can get it pretty much any where. Barbeque is so famous due to it starting in the south. It first started when Native Americans started barbecuing pigs that were introduced to them by the Spanish.

We researched some recipes online and added ingredients from two recipes, and added our own ideas to make our pulled pork.


1 tablespoon chile powder

worcestershire sauce

half a bottle of dark beer

a big vidalia onion

1 tablespoon paprika

2 teaspoons garlic powder

1 teaspoon mustard seed powder

quarter cup brown sugar

2 teaspoons pink sea salt

1 teaspoon  ground black pepper

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 pork shoulder

bottle of barbeque sauce


1. Mix all the spices together and rub them all over the pork.

2. Wrap the pork in saran wrap and let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours

3.Put it in the oven or crock pot till it is tender and falling apart (We added dark beer and cut up onions for extra flavor and so it stayed moist)

4. When done cooking take the ham out and start taking the bones skin and fat out

5. Pull the pork into smaller pieces and mix it together with you’re choice of BBQ sauce

6. Toast up some buns and eat up


This turned out absolutely amazing it was super moist and flavorful unlike most pulled pork I have eaten. We have enough leftovers for three more lunches of pulled pork sandwiches. We will definitely will be making more pulled pork with our other cuts of ham.

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