Pork Roast with Chanterelles, New Potatoes, Blackberries and Marsala Cream Sauce

Let’s cook! Today I’m preparing a petite Kunekune pork shoulder roast (aka “Boston Butt”). This is a 1.43 lb portion of a the butt portion from a smaller, younger Kunekune (weight about 75 lbs at 10 months old). A great deal of the time I don’t cook using a set recipe, I cook to taste so while I can tell you what ingredients I used for this dish, I can’t give exact amounts… I can only hope this serves as inspiration for you to use a beautiful piece of rare heritage breed pork in your own special way.

You read that right- this gorgeous piece of red meat is PORK! It’s not beef.

We call this “Porcellino”, which means “little pig” in Italian and is the name we’re giving to cuts of petite, young Kunekune pork. I find the meat from the younger pigs to be even more delectable and tender than the already amazing meat from older and larger pigs! Kunekunes are a wonderful, but slow growing, rare heritage breed of pig.

While most farmers will have pigs reaching 250-275 pounds or more by 6 months of age, ours would take 2-4 years to reach a weight of 200-250 lbs. This is a smaller breed of pig, and an old fashioned type of breed. In order to sustainably conserve the breed, we must be able to utilize it for small-scale artisan pork.

I’m preparing this petite roast with a dry rub of brown sugar, sea salt, garlic powder, pepper, sage, rosemary, and red onion. After about 3 hours in the refrigerator, I’ll be pre-heating the oven and giving this roast a beautiful hard sear with olive oil, on all 6 sides.

It will then go into the roasting pan and into the oven, with olive oil, butter, garlic, baby russet/blue potatoes from our garden, marsala wine, and a touch of heavy cream and fresh herbs. Also a surprise touch- blackberries I got at last week’s farmers market!

The chanterelle mushrooms will be sauteed on the stovetop and later incorporated into the dish.

I will have these petite pork roasts at tomorrow’s Saturday market! Chanterelles are in season right now and through the summer, hopefully by next year I’ll be certified to sell mushrooms!

First step, Chanterelles! Typically found in the more wet areas of the forest, in relationship with certain trees. Our sloped land, with numerous ravines and a small stream, is a mushroom wonderland.


Next step, choosing and preparing the meat according to the descriptions above:

Final steps, putting it all together to roast and enjoy:

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