Saturday Market at the Pumpkintown Mountain Farmers Market

We started doing our first farmers market this year, and it’s been a wonderful experience thus far! You can find us every Saturday afternoon through September, at the Pumpkintown Opry on Highway 11, near Table Rock. This is a wonderful venue for a market, and the Opry Cafe has delicious lunches, coffees and ice cream to enjoy. In our hot summer weather, being able to attend a market in the mountains and under a beautiful shady porch, is a joy!

It’s truly wonderful to connect with all of you in person and be able to share what we’re so passionate about- providing heritage and heirloom nourishment to our community, which allows us to focus on our breed and seed conservation efforts!

Every time a piece of pork goes from our hands to yours, I’m truly excited about the potential to turn others on to just how wonderful and unique this pork is, and how rare breed animals must be utilized in order to be saved.

I’ve been taking pictures of our weekly setup, to document how we grow and change. Each week something is a little bit different as we learn more about how to best present our farm at market.


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