Pastured Kunekunes (Gallery)

Kunekune are “perfect pastured pigs”, inclined to graze and not to root. If they do root (in wet weather conditions, or when bugs and grubs are easily accessed in the top layers of the soil), it’s a light roto-tilling of the top layer of the soil, not the deep digging and pitting that larger breeds tend to exhibit.

Kunekunes do dig wallows, around their water bowls or wherever water collects. In hot weather, this is a necessity for them to keep cool, and the mud helps to prevent and control external parasites and biting flies.

We’re a small farm with limited pasture. Only a few acres of it, in fact! The majority of our ten acres is wooded. While Kunekune graze efficiently, they’re unable to keep even our small pastured acreage trimmed down- we have to regularly mow. We also keep Meishans (another low impact, docile grazing pig) and the difference between them is night and day. The environmental impact of the Meishan is many times higher than the Kunekune. Ten Meishan pigs on our pastured acreage, would clear-cut it within a week, leaving nothing. We speak from experience in regards to this topic.