Our boar lines include Mahia Love, Ru, Tonganui, Tutanekai and Te Whangi.


Rocky Pastures Farm Ru – Baudelaire

  • DOB 2/18/17 – AKPR 8351  (View Pedigree)
  • Baudelaire is the son of farm favorites, Siggy & Prudence
  • Goose Meadow Farm Wilsons Gina Heather (Prudence) x Goose Meadow Farm Ru 4 “Siggy”
  • Color: Cream
  • Wattles: 2
  • Weight at 18 months: 275 lbs


Goose Meadow Farm Ru 4 – Siggy

  • DOB 7/19/13  AKPR 4095  (View Pedigree)
  • Siggy is a full littermate to our favorite foundation sow, Chickie. Sire to Calliope & Baudelaire
  • Rocking Robin Ranch Jenny – Morgan x Barton Hill Ru 40 – Barclay
  • Color: Brown/White
  • Wattles: 2
  • Adult weight: 400 lbs

Morgans Kunekunes Mahia Love 4 – Hedwig

  • DOB 4/9/2015 AKPR 5005 (View Pedigree)
  • Sire to our sows Roberta & Pringles
  • AKPR Reserve Champion AWE Jenny – Penny x AKPR Reserve Champion & Classic Head Champion USA Mahia Love 25- Kingsley
  • Color: Brown/White
  • Wattles: 2
  • Current weight: 340 lbs


Rock Star Vittle Piggies Mahia Love 30 – Joey Ramone

  • DOB 3/26/17 AKPR 6326 (View Pedigree)
  • Sire to Adora, Amelie & Anäis
  • USA Jenny 166 – Grace Slick x USA Mahia Love 97- Ziggy Stardust
  • Color: Black/Ginger/Tri
  • Wattles: 2
  • Yearling weight: 190 lbs


Kunekune Preserve Te Whangi 1 – Tiny Tim


SVK Tutanekai 2 – Lorenzo

  • DOB – 9/24/16 AKPR 4903 (View Pedigree)
  • Kunekune Preserve Wilsons Gina 4- Kloe x Tule Fog Farm Tutanekai- Maui
  • Color: Agouti brown (appears black as adult)
  • Wattles: 2
  • Weight at two years of age: Approx. 250 lbs
  • Lorenzo is a smaller boar, but he throws large offspring with heavy bone structure and good growth rate so far! He is an exceptionally burly & masculine-looking boar, with large & thick legs and a heavy frame.



Junior Boars:


Corva Bella Farm Tonganui 1 – Amadeus


Amadeus is one of three Tonganui boars we are observing. Large and fast growing, he has a large & wide frame, and heavy bone density. He has a beautiful head, but this picture isn’t indicative of how wonderful he is in person!



Corva Bella Farm Tonganui 2 – Alistair


Alistair may be unwattled, but he’s something special! He has the widest body & stance, and broadest chest of any boar piglet ever born here, and he has a beautiful head & snout with ample jowls. He moves effortlessly, but with attitude! He will be bred to sows we suspect to be dominantly wattled. Also worth mentioning is his size- he is large and fast growing!