Boars & Boarlings

Our boar lines include Mahia Love, Ru, Tonganui, Tutanekai and Andrew. Whakanui and Te Whangi arriving soon.

Siggy – Goose Meadow Farm Ru 4

  • Siggy is a full littermate to our favorite foundation sow, Chickie.
  • Rocking Robin Ranch Jenny – Morgan x Barton Hill Ru 40 – Barclay
  • Color: Brown/White
  • Wattles: 2
  • Adult weight: 390 lbs

    A gentle giant, Siggy is our largest boar. He has a long & broad body, twelve even teats, optimal breed standard ear set, strong top line, straight legs and pasterns holding strong as he nears five years of age. Siggy has sired large litters of 9 and 10 piglets thus far.

Hedwig – MKP Mahia Love 4

  • AKPR Reserve Champion AWE Jenny – Penny x AKPR Reserve Champion & Classic Head Champion USA Mahia Love 25- Kingsley
  • Color: Brown/White
  • Wattles: 2
  • Weight at 3 years: 280 lbs

    Mr. Personality, Herd King and all-around attention getter extraordinaire, Hedwig is a boar with a fan club. Born out of Reserve champion dam & sire, he passes his strong type on to his offspring, in particular, his exceptional head and ample jowls, and long & deep body type. 


Freddie Mercury – RSVP Mahia Love 34

  • BAIN Tapeka 6 – May-Lee (aka Lady Gaga) by USA Mahia Love 97- Ziggy Stardust
  • Color: Dominantly white with black characteristic of the Tapeka bloodline
  • Wattles: 2

    Freddie comes to us all the way from Rock Star Vittle Piggies in Washington State. His flashy coloring is due to his Tapeka dam, He has shown a very impressive growth rate thus far, outgrowing young boars born before him. We’re very excited to add his positive traits to our breeding program! He’ll be breeding this Summer for Fall litters.


Joey Ramone – RSVP Mahia Love 30

  • USA Jenny 166 – Grace Slick x USA Mahia Love 97- Ziggy Stardust
  • Color: Black/Ginger/Tri
  • Wattles: 2

    Joey is an incredibly handsome and CORRECT Kunekune boar, who traveled cross country from Washington state to grace our herd with his exceptional type. Everyone who visits the farm wants to know who he is… he just demands that kind of attention! We can’t wait to see what he produces. He is coming up on a year old and is close to 175 lbs. Great growth!


Brewster – Kunekune Preserve Andrew

  • BAIN Tapeka 7- Maggie x USA Andrew 17 – Little Goody
  • DOB 5/30/17 | AKPR 6095
  • Color: Kunekune Preserve B&W Tapeka Trait, Black with partial white belting
  • Wattles: 2

    Brewster is a young & special boar, one of only a few black with white belting boars in the entire United States! Cyndi Berry of Kunekune Preserve has produced the only pigs in the US to date, with this black with white belted color pattern, which is technically considered “Tule Fog Farm Tapeka Trait” (evidence of belting) but I like to call it the “Kunekune Preserve Tapeka Trait” because Cyndi is the only breeder producing it stateside! This coloration has also been found in New Zealand, but rare even there. Brewster is developing into a beautiful young boar, and is long overdue for his glamour shots.


Lorenzo – SVK Tutanekai 2

  • Kunekune Preserve Wilsons Gina 4- Kloe x Tule Fog Farm Tutanekai- Maui
  • Color: Agouti brown (appears black as adult)
  • Wattles: 2

    Lorenzo is a rare Tutanekai bloodline boar, just over a year old. He was a gorgeous brown agouti striped piglet, and has matured to black, but maintains this genetic coloration which results in a broader color range in his offspring in certain pairings. Lorenzo is young, but developing a more burly type. He’s been bred to our large Jenny/Boris gilt, Chanterelle.  Piglet photos by Suwannee Valley Kunekunes.