Kunekune Boars & Boarlings

We’ll be updating this page soon with pictures and pedigrees!



Suwannee Valley Kunekunes Tonganui 5 (view pedigree)

Giuseppe is out of USA Tonganui 17- Warren and Kunekune Preserve Wilsons Gina 4- Kloe. Named after my Great Grandfather Giuseppe Calderan.



Rocky Pastures Farm Ru 3 (view pedigree)

Giuseppe is out of Goose Meadow Farm Ru 4 and Goose Meadow Farm Wilsons Gina 6. Named after my Great Uncle Benedetto Crestan.



Suwannee Valley Kunekunes Tutanekai (view pedigree)

Out of Tule Fog Farm Tutanekai- Maui, and Kunekune Preserve Wilsons Gina 4- Kloe. Lorenzo is named after our Great Uncle Lorenzo Crestan.