About Kunekune Pigs



About Kunekunes

Kunekunes are an unforgettable breed of swine. Once you meet your first Kune, you’ll be completely enamored with their calm demeanor and incredibly friendly, dog-like personalities! Originally from New Zealand, the pigs were kept domestically by the Maori tribes as a food source. They free-ranged and tended to stay close to home and their affinity for being around people.

They are a rare Heritage breed, markedly different from the large commercial meat pigs common on many farms. They are a lard pig, which means they are well-suited for grazing and can fatten on balanced pasture alone, with minimal supplementation. As a multi-purpose breed, they are pure joy to keep making them perfect hogs for the small farm or homestead.

Kunekunes  were once critically endangered, but careful conservation efforts brought them back from the brink of extinction. Today, there are genetically diverse populations of Kunes thriving in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, as well as parts of Europe. Conservation efforts continue, as one of the most crucial aspects of conservation is responsible selective breeding in addition to the animal being utilized. The multi-purpose nature of the breed is such that they are a source of richly marbled, flavorful and tender pork, and an excellent source of lard. Their scrumptious meat is beyond compare, and they are poised to gain popularity amongst those to whom humanely and ethically raised, pastured/forested pork is seen as an intelligent and environmentally responsible alternative to factory farmed meat.


Our Breeding Program

Through our Kunekune breeding program, we work to instill strong genetics, hardiness, and true heritage hallmarks of self sustainability while balancing form with function. Growth rate and size are crucial for us as pork producers, hence we’ve devoted much of our resources towards bringing in breeding stock from known production bloodlines around the country. We give careful consideration to the breed standard while selectively breeding for quality and distinctiveness within our closed herd.