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Corva Bella Farm is the Mother and Son team of Connor Michael Bell and Cristiana Calderan Bell. Our sustainable, small farm is located in the Ebenezer region of Oconee County, in South Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge foothills.

Are you ready to put rare breed, heritage pork on your fork? It’s our specialty! We bring deep red, succulent and beautifully marbled old-fashioned style pork to the Upstate. As conservation breeders of rare swine, we offer top quality Registered Kunekune breeding stock, with a focus on conformation, larger size and faster growth rates for pork production.

We are Western Upstate South Carolina’s only producer of truly rare breed “slow pork”- featuring the globally endangered Meishan pig and the rare, but recovering Kunekune pig. All of our pork is produced out of registered and pedigreed parent stock, guaranteeing you the traceability and purity of breed that produces consistent breed-specific craft pork. These small heritage hogs are raised on pasture & forest, with no added antibiotics or hormones. Slow pork means slow growth, and rich flavor… our pigs take 12-18 months to reach harvest weight. This lengthy growth time brings beautiful marbling, deep red meat color, and exceptional fat quality that’s found only in lard breeds such as the Kunekune and Meishan.

We offer USDA inspected and packed pork cuts, dry cured bacon, specialty gourmet linked sausages, and our signature gourmet Whipped Lardo /Crema di Lardo, “pork butter”. We also offer value-added products such as old fashioned lip balms, herbal skin salves, lard soaps and candles, utilizing the snow white lard from our rare breed Meishan and Kunekune pigs.

We are Certified South Carolina Grown, and Appalachian Grown.


Registered Kunekune Pigs

Rare Breed Heritage Pork