Available Kunekunes

We offer Kunekune pigs and piglets for both registered breeding stock and homestead meat production. Check out our farrowing schedule if you’re looking for a specific pairing or blood line.

Breeding stock is limited, as the majority of our litters are grown out for meat. Our goal is to offer only the most exceptional animals as registered breeding stock, but we do make a very limited number of unregistered breeding pairs available to homesteaders in our local community. We believe in the Kunekune pig as a “people’s pig” and feel that exorbitantly high pricing can be restrictive for many homesteaders and their goal of self-sufficiency and meat production for their own family.


Barrows (castrated males) are ideal to evaluate the breed and see if it’s right for you, or if you’d like to grow pigs out for meat. Barrows are $150 each, and we maintain a waiting list by deposit.  If you don’t own other pigs, the minimum purchase for barrows is TWO, so that they can grow up together. Pigs are very social herd animals and need to be with another of their own kind.


Homestead quality pigs are what we consider to be solid, healthy, quality pigs that are suitable for breeding to produce meat for your own homestead. These are unregistered pigs and we only offer a few breeding pairs per year in this category. Pricing is $400 each, with a $50 discount on a breeding pair. Pricing is $400 for a single gilt or boar.


Breeding quality piglets are for their age, piglets which fall within the breed standard, and are excellent examples of the breed, with healthy growth rate, and impressive overall conformation. Piglets in this category are sold around ten weeks of age.

What you can’t tell at this age is how their head and snout will exactly take shape, as this becomes more apparent around a year old. While we can tell which piglets in a litter have the shortest snouts, broadest heads and fullest jowls, that alone isn’t enough to predict the piglet’s appearance as an adult. All one can do is take into account the dam and sire, and particular piglets in comparison to other piglets in the litter and past piglets that have matured into having an appealing head type. Piglets with obviously pinched/narrow snouts, or lengthy snouts with uncharacteristic forehead angle will never be considered for breeding quality.

Piglets in this category are $550 each with a $100 discount on a breeding pair. These piglets are DNA tested and AKKPS or AKPR registered.


Confirmed breeding quality young pigs are pigs which we have retained to grow out, and which have developed into exceptional and solid examples of the breed, suitable for breeding and potentially showing. They range from 12-18 months of age and their conformation has become apparent and solidified.

If you are serious about breeding top quality Kunekunes, this is the category and age you’d want to purchase from to begin building your foundation herd. At this age, the head size/width, fullness of the jowls, and the length and shape of the snout is more predictable and the pig is beginning to fill out and mature into an adult.

Pigs in this category are $800-1000 each, with a breeding pair discount of $100. Pricing takes into account 12-18 months of our care, routine vaccinations and worming, and the predictable quality of pigs at this age.

Gilts in this category, that are of breeding age, can be bred to one of our foundation boars for $500, ready to come to your farm after two missed heat cycles, or pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound (cost is additional for vet services). Pigs in this category are DNA tested and AKKPS or AKPR registered.

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