Our vaccination program is an important part of our herd health & biosecurity. This is a controversial topic, as some people don’t vaccinate at all. If you don’t believe in vaccination, that’s fine- but we do!

Some of our piglets may become breeding stock, while others will be moved to our meat herd, where they’ll grow out for 12-18 months. Potential breeders receive a regular vaccination protocol, while meat pigs receive only their initial piglet vaccinations and worming. Withdrawal times are always adhered to in relation to slaughter, as required by law. Herd immunity is a thing on the farm. Most people don’t hesitate to vaccinate their dogs against parvo, lepto and bordetella… did you know pigs are vaccinated for variants of the same things as dogs?

Our main piglet vaccination is Rhinishield TX4, it’s given twice. The first time we give it with MycoFlex, the second time we give it with CircoFlex. Vaccines best for your area may vary, so it’s always smart to check with your farm vet, or your state vet!


Adult breeders receive Farrowsure Gold. This is a reproductive vaccine that protects against a variety of diseases that can affect fertility, reproductive health and litter size.

We worm our pigs with three different wormers: Safeguard (liquid for goats, or top dress pellets for swine), Ivermectin, and Dectomax. We rotate wormers for best results (worming twice a year), and try to keep pigs on the move to keep parasite load down (rotating pastures).

How to give a shot? There are many techniques, but it takes practice. Each pig’s reaction to a shot is different. Some we bait with food, some we give when they are relaxed. We use a larger needle gauge with adults so that the shot can be given quickly.


Video of me giving an injection of Rhinishield TX4 to a pregnant Meishan pig:

We use the following needle sizes:

Piglets: 22 gauge 3/4″ or 20 gauge 1/2″, with 1cc TB syringes or 3cc luer lock syringes

Adults: 20 gauge 1/2 inch for subcutaneous injections, 16 gauge 1″ for intramuscular shots. Syringe sizes to have on hand: 3cc luer lock, 5 cc luer lock, 12 cc luer lock

We also use the Allfex Repeater gun, 50cc size. This is sometimes used with a slap shot, but only if we have a lot of pigs to vaccinate as a lot of vaccine/medicine is lost in the slap shot’s long tube.

Typical vaccination/worming schedule for a piglet growing into an adult breeder on our farm:

3 days old: Iron shot 1/2cc
7 weeks Rhinishield TX4 1cc
7 weeks Circoflex 1cc
Safeguard wormer for 3 days
9 weeks Rhinishield TX4 2cc
9 Weeks Mycoflex 1cc

Dectomax wormer dosed for body weight, repeat dose in 10 days

6 months Farrowsure Gold 2cc (if a young boar that’s close to breeding. Females wait until they are breeding age. This is a reproductive vaccine for breeding swine. There’s no reason to give it if there’s not breeding taking place)

Wormer: Ivermectin

12 months Farrowsure Gold 2cc (If pigs are breeding age. This is a reproductive vaccine for breeding swine)

12 months Mycoflex 1cc
12 months Circoflex 1cc

Wormer: Safeguard

18 months Farrowsure Gold 2cc

Wormer: Dectomax
24 months Farrowsure Gold 2cc
24 months Mycoflex 1cc
24 months Circoflex 1cc
Wormer: Ivermectin
Do you see the pattern?

Here’s what we use. These items we usually purchase from Jeffers or Valley Vet. These are linked to the item. Rhinishield often goes out of stock each year, so purchase in quantity to carry through your breeding season!

Rhini Shield® TX4

Ingelvac CircoFLEX® - 50 mL

Myco Shield® - 100 Dose

FarrowSure® Gold B - 50 Dose

Ferrodex 100 Iron Dextran Injectable, 100 ml

Allflex Volume Repeater Syringes (& Accessories)

Dectomax Injectable

Injectable Ivermectin (1% Sterile Solution) for Cattle & Swine

SafeGuard Multi-Species Dewormer, Pellets

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