Upcoming Litters



AUGUST 14, 2018
Monalisa (Corva Bella Farm Rona/Ru) x Baudelaire (Rocky Pastures Farm Ru/Wilsons Gina)


AUGUST 16, 2018
Morgana (OVK Jenny/Mahia Love) x KKP Brewster (Andrew/Tapeka) * Possible Tapeka Trait


SEPTEMBER 27, 2018
Chanterelle (KKP Jenny/Boris) x KKP Brewster (Andrew/Tapeka) * Possible Tapeka Trait


NOVEMBER 5, 2018
Prudence (Goose Meadow Farm Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Siggy (Goose Meadow Farm Ru/Jenny)


NOVEMBER 11, 2018
MooShu (Meishan) x Siggy (Kunekune) Castrates will be available from this litter for purchase, but no intact males or females.


NOVEMBER 18, 2018 (not yet confirmed)
Tammie (AFV Tapeka/BH Tutaki) x Tiny Tim (KKP Te Whangi/Jenny)

LATE 2018 into EARLY 2019























Prudence (aka Heather) (Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Siggy (Ru/Jenny)  (Top row, above)
A classic and proven pair, producing 100% wattled offspring, large and fast-growing piglets with consistent conformation. This litter already has it’s two gilt deposits filled and pick of litter boar deposit is open.

Melody (Awakino/Mahia Love) x Tiny Time (Te Whangi/Jenny)  (Bottom row, above)
Another tried and true pair, Melody and Tiny Tim produced while in residence at Kunekune Preserve producing gorgeous offspring with classic heads.


Cassiopia (Trish/Ru) x Joey Ramone (Mahia Love/Jenny) (Top row, above)
Cassie is our second largest sow, producing large and fast growing piglets. Through this pairing with Joey Ramone we hope to bring consistency to her litter through the Mahia Love line.

Elisabetta (Wilsons Gina/Boris) x Hedwig (Mahia Love/Jenny)


Chickie (Jenny/Ru) x Baudelaire (Ru/Wilsons Gina)

Pringles (Rebecca Gina/Mahia Love) x Joey Ramone (Mahia Love/Jenny)