This farrowing schedule is tentative for the upcoming year, depending on the usual variables… and, because you know, pigs!

• Meishan litters are marked as *Meishan*, all other litters are pairings of pure & registered Kunekune pigs.

• Line breedings are indicated as such, all other breedings are either outcrosses or regular/diversity breedings. Pairing two pigs that share the same bloodline isn’t necessarily line breeding. Line breeding indicates closer, more specific relations purposefully chosen to lock in specific traits in the resulting offspring.

• We retain the top 1-2 piglets from each litter for observation, unless otherwise specified.

• We maintain waiting lists for litters. Once a litter is on the ground and piglets are 1-2 weeks old, we begin taking deposits.


DUE MARCH 9, 2018: Cassiopia (brown/white) x Siggy (brown/white)
** line breeding | Trish/Ru x Ru/Jenny


DUE MARCH 9, 2018: MooShu x KungPao (Meishan)
** line breeding | Illinois/Iowa x Iowa/Illinois


DUE MARCH 30, 2018: Hilda (ginger/black) x Giuseppe (Black/White)
Jenny/Andrew x Tonganui/WIlsons Gina – Breeding in December for April litter


DUE MARCH 30, 2018: Chanterelle (ginger/black) x Lorenzo (Agouti Brown)
Jenny/Boris x Tutanekai/Wilsons Gina


APRIL 21,  2018: Elisabetta (black) x Joey Ramone (black/ginger/tri)
Wilsons Gina/Boris x Mahia Love/Jenny


APRIL 29, 2018: Heather (Prudence) (black/white) x Giuseppe (Black/White)
Wilsons Gina/Ru x Tonganui Wilsons Gina


MAY 6, 2018: Angelica (White/Brown) x Joey Ramone (Ginger/Black/Tri)
Awakino/Mahia Love x Mahia Love/Jenny



DimSum (Meishan)

Chickie (Jenny/Ru) x Hedwig (Mahia Love/Jenny)

Calliope (Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Brewster (Andrew/Tapeka)

Morgana (Jenny/Mahia Love) x Joey Ramone (Mahia Love/Jenny)

Cassiopia (Trish/Ru) x Ru/Wilsons Gina boar

Heather (Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Siggy (Ru/Jenny)


Hilda (Jenny/Andrew) x Freddie Mercury (Mahia Love/Tapeka)

Chanterelle (Jenny/Boris) x Brewster (Andrew/Tapeka)

Monalisa (Rona/Ru) x TBD