Upcoming Litters

We offer limited # of select piglets available to other farms as registered breeding stock. We take time to evaluate pigs as potential breeding stock and offer individual piglets or pairs for sale only when they have passed muster. Deposits on individual piglets are $200 and are non-refundable. We register piglets with AKPR.

We also are producing at least four Kune-shan cross litters for pork production. We offer castrated barrows ($200) and intact females ($300) from these litters. We’re finding this cross to be fantastic alongside our pure Kunekune for pork production. It’s allowing us to house the crosses in with our Kunekune meat pigs, and ensuring that we have a wider range of pigs at harvest weight- at all times.


Spring/Summer 2019 litters

Due May 10th
Chanterelle (RPF Jenny/Boris) x Digger (USA Mahia Love/Jenny)
Jenny/Mahia Love

Due May 23rd
Prudence (GMF Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Lorenzo (SVK Tutanekai/Wilsons Gina)
Wilsons Gina/Tutanekai

Due May 29th
Fern (CHI Jenny/Tutaki) x Baudelaire (RPF Ru/Wilsons Gina)

Due June 10th
Reba (SSA Rebecca Gina/Tonganui) x Lorenzo (SVK Tutanekai/Wilsons Gina)
Rebecca Gina/Tutanekai


Future Pairings:

Shiva (SVK Awakino/Mahia Love) x Digger (USA Mahia Love/Jenny)
Awakino/Mahia Love

MooShu (Meishan) x Parracombe Peter Lad (Old line English Berkshire)
“Black Beauty”

Angelica (SVK Awakino/Mahia Love) x Joey (RSVP Mahia Love/Jenny)
Awakino/Mahia Love