Upcoming Litters



Tentative breeding rotation as we head into Winter 2019. We are heavily utilizing two Mahia Love Boars (USA Mahia Love 3 and RSVP Mahia Love 30) in both line crosses and line breedings to lay strong foundations for our continued work with growth rate and pork type. Several of our sows are out of UK imports and we hope to see some strong “hybrid vigor” from our line crosses, particular in the litters utilizing Digger (USA Mahia Love 3, son of S CH NZ Mahia Love 1, Hamish, the original imported Mahia Love boar and progenitor of the Mahia Love line in the United States). Digger is seven years old, so time is of the essence!


Rather than focus on a large variety of bloodlines, we are dedicating ourselves to a few select lines and working diligently to make progress with those in developing our own distinctive pork production lineages. Conformation as always, will be strictly adhered to, with all lesser specimens becoming members of our meat herd. The lines we are focused on this year include the sow lines Jenny, Wilsons Gina, Rebecca Gina and Awakino. Boar lines include Mahia Love, Tutanekai, Tonganui and Ru. We also have Te Whangi and Rona lines. You can view an album of our 2019 lineup, HERE.


We offer limited # of select piglets available to other farms as registered breeding stock. We take time to evaluate pigs as potential breeding stock and offer individual piglets or pairs for sale only when they have passed muster. Deposits on individual piglets are $200 and are non-refundable. We register piglets with AKPR.


Arriving December 14, 2018

Melody (GMF Awakino/Mahia Love) x Joey Ramone (RSVP Mahia Love/Jenny)


Upcoming breeding rotation – Spring/Summer 2019 litters


Cassiopia (GMF Trish/Ru) x Digger (USA Mahia Love 3) – Bred not yet confirmed
Trish x Mahia Love


Pringles (MKP Rebecca Gina/Mahia Love) x Lorenzo (SVK Tutanekai 1) – Bred not yet confirmed  OR RSVP Mahia Love Joey Ramone


Angelica (SVK Awakino/Mahia Love) x Joey Ramone (RSVP Mahia Love 30)
Awakino x Mahia Love * Repeat breeding/Awakino Improvement project


Chickie (GMF Jenny/Ru) x Joey Ramone (RSVP Mahia Love/Jenny)  (Bred, not yet confirmed)


Reba (SSA Rebecca Gina/Tonganui) x Lorenzo (SVK Tutanekai 1)
Rebecca Gina x Tutanekai


Chanterelle (RPF Jenny/Boris) x Lorenzo (SVK Tutanekai 1)
Rebecca Gina x Tutanekai


Prudence (GMF Wilsons Gina/Ru) x


Melody (GMF Awakino/Mahia Love) x TBD