Quarter Hog Shares now Available!

I have a few quarter hog shares left!

This is a great way to experience a full range of prime pork cuts, as well as other parts of the pig- at a reduced price.

Each quarter share will receive a 1/4 portion from a whole hog, comprised of approx 45 lbs of the following:

thick cut bone-in chops
fresh ham steaks
boston butt
1/2 rack ribs
1/2 belly (easy to cure into bacon at home!)
ground pork
neck bones
fatback (easy to render)
leaf lard
miscellaneous bits such as ear/tail/kidney

Also, two complimentary containers of gourmet whipped lardo!

Cost including processing & pickup is $299.

Send me a PM to secure your spot!

For reference, this is what comes back from a single hog that had a hanging weight of 173 lbs:

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