Quarter Hog Share Special Offer – $299 – Only Three Available!


For $299, you get a quarter rare breed heritage hog plus some, since we took jowls, leaf lard and organs from our other hog. This is far below our retail. The thick cut pork chops in each share themselves are worth $90-98 retail. In addition to all of what you get in each quarter, we are additionally gifting you with four containers of whipped lardo, and a container of rendered lard. For free. Because we appreciate you!

To give you an example¬†of what comes in a single quarter share (approximately- there is variation as all packs vary in size). What you see laid out is about 50 lbs of cuts, which means you’re getting it at approximately $6 per lb, plus almost $30 in free gifts:

4 Whipped Lardo
1 Rendered Lard
3 Fresh Ham steaks
2 pcs belly (easily cured into bacon)
1 large hock/osso bucco
8-10 thick cut chops- 1.5″
1 Boston Butt
1 half slab ribs
3 lbs Chorizo
1 jowl (make jowl bacon or guanciale!)
3 lbs breakfast patties
3 lbs ground pork
2.5 lbs ears
3.5 lbs neck bones
2 lbs liver
1 lb skin
2.5 lbs leaf lard
1 lb organ meats
3.3 lbs fatback, skin removed
2.25 trotter/foot


This is a customer’s large cooler, when picking up their quarter share.



Contact me to arrange your share! They are on the farm and ready to be picked up.

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