It’s finally time for you to try our naturally-reared rare breed heritage pork! We have both Kunekune and Meishan, both are old fashioned type pigs, which results in a more red, marbled meat and flavorful, creamy fat. The Meishan pig is a delicacy in Japan and both pigs have been featured at Cochon 555!

Both Kunekune and Meishan are slow growing, heritage breeds that are efficient on pasture and were fed a varied diet of hay, produce, fermented feed, pumpkins, barley fodder, and garden scraps. We believe in “slow meat” and are part of the #SlowFood movement. Our pigs are sustainably and kindly raised on our small permaculture farm in Upstate SC.

We have very limited quantities of both breed-specific USDA inspected and packed cuts.