Whole Hog Shares – Pay as you go!

Example of the range of cuts a single hog can provide.

We are currently setting up hog share contracts for ten hogs. Under this arrangement, you would pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 down on a hog, with $50/month payments for 10-12 months, all of which would go directly towards the final per pound cost on a pig’s hanging weight at butcher. Ideally we’d set up monthly payments via Paypal, or you can also set up with your bank. Payments would be due each month, with a late fee if payment not posted. Payments would be nonrefundable and if payment discontinued, all previous payments and deposit would be forfeited.

Hanging weight is the weight after harvest, when blood and organs have been removed. It’s typically about 70% of the live weight of the pig. Without a livestock scale, we rely on the tape measure method to approximate hog weight, so we’ll always speak of hanging weight as a general weight range. For the purpose of these hogs, hanging weights would range from 100-140 lbs.

Your hanging weight includes not only your meat/cuts, but also offal (organs), leaf lard, back fat, skin, head/jowls, trotters/hocks, tail, neck and soup bones. How you wish to have your hog cut is entirely up to you, and we’re here to offer suggestions and guidance.

Our price per pound on the hanging weight is $6/lb, with the customer paying their own butcher fees and any sausage blending/linking or curing costs. To put this $6 per lb into perspective, our pricing on retail cuts ranges from $12/lb for pork chops to $14/lb for porterhouse chops, $11/lb on pork steaks and $12/lb on ham steaks. Our St. Louis ribs are $12/lb, and linked sausages are $12-13/lb. Pork bellies we sell for $11/lb, and bacon- $13/lb.

Using a pig that has a hanging weight of 100 lbs is an easy example, as all you do is multiply the hanging weight by $6 to result in $600. Your initial deposit ($100) and monthly payments of $50 for ten months equal $600 (Around ten months we’ll connect with you and ask you if you’d like a slightly smaller or larger hog and discuss some of the current sized hogs we have). We deliver your hog with detailed cut instructions to the butcher, and butcher confirms exact hanging weight. If it’s less on the pound than what you paid in over the course of time, we issue you a refund for that amount. If it’s more, you owe us the final (most likely small) balance that’s in addition to what was already paid. If you go to the butcher to pick up your meat, you pay the butcher at pickup. If we pick up for you, we’ll confirm final cost of processing and have you pay us, so we can pay them. If we pick up your meat for you we need you to provide coolers for us to use (clearly marked with your name), please note that we have no storage for your coolers/meat in our chest freezers- it must be picked up from us immediately upon our arrival back to the farm.

For reference on what a single hog can yield, check out these photos. This pig in particular had a hanging weight of 173 pounds, so while this is a larger pig than what we’re discussing in this hog share, the range and return on cuts is similar. —> https://www.facebook.com/pg/corvabellafarm/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2223964347860833

Your deposit and monthly payments guarantees you a hog that will have a hanging weight ranging from approximately 100-140 lbs. Hanging weight is not an exact science, so we are aiming for weights to be within that range. This isn’t an animal share where you’re “owning” the animal that you’re making payments on and if something happens to that animal, you owe vet fees or are out of luck if an animal dies (we did a cow share like that and frankly- it was very stressful when our cow got sick and I thought we were about to lose a LOT of money and time… I vowed that when we structured our pig shares, I’d never put customers in that position). We aren’t accepting more deposits than we have pigs, and are allowing for plenty of leeway so that we have options for all customers at harvest time.

This allows you to pay for your whole hog over time, while your monthly payment is helping us to manage the day to day operations of our farm- basically the same concept as a vegetable CSA from a produce farmer, but for a longer period of time and the final result being meat in your freezer!

In terms of amount of meat and cut sizes, our heritage breed lard pigs are smaller in scale than regular farm pigs. You won’t need to go out and buy a big chest freezer for your meat, but rather may be able to utilize your existing extra freezer, or a smaller scale cube freezer.

When Connor and I processed our first two Kunekune pigs, their hanging weights were 94 and 105- and those two pigs provided pork for us over the course of more than 18 months, with us regularly partaking of cuts, roasts, ground pork and sausage and bacon.

Sample butcher fees on a pig hanging at 100 pounds would be $50 for dispatch, and $90 for vacuum sealing (based on .90/lb on the hanging weight). Making sausage and curing bacon are additional costs that would need to be discussed with the process directly for exact pricing.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact us using the form below! We’ll answer any questions you might have and send you our Hog Share contract to look over. A $100 deposit reserves your hog share.

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