Upcoming Litters


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Upcoming litters are listed below, but we almost always have a range of piglets on the ground. Feel free to inquire via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Due first week of December:

Amelie (Awakino/Mahia Love) x Arni (CORVA Mahia Love/Awakino)
Awakino/Mahia Love

Chanterelle (Jenny/Boris) x Sargento (XTC Ru/Wilsons Gina)
Rebecca Gina/Ru

Prudence (Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Lorenzo (Tutanekai/Wilsons Gina) – Repeat breeding
Wilsons Gina/Tutanekai


Breeding late Fall-Winter for Spring:

Fern (Jenny/Tutaki) x Sargento (XTC Ru/Wilsons Gina)

Benedetta (Rona/Ru) x Arni (Mahia Love/Awakino)

Asterope (Wilsons Gina/Ru)

Astrild (Awakino/Mahia Love)

Alva (Awakino/Mahia Love) x Boulanger (USA Mahia Love/Wilsons Gina)

Concetta (Trish/Mahia Love) x Joey (RSVP Mahia love/Jenny)

Prudence (Wilsons Gina/Ru) x Boulanger (USA Mahia Love/Wilsons Gina)