Kunekune Sows & Gilts

We’ve recently done a herd reduction, excerpting seven pigs from our breeding program. As we are constantly learning and gaining experience, our foundation herd also changes. The pigs that best fit our goal of breeding towards pigs with exceptional conformation and pork production potential- stay with us, and we also begin to evaluate piglets born on our own farm, for possible inclusion as future breeders.


Goose Meadow Farms Trish 22 (view pedigree)

As one of our first Kunekunes, sweet Cassiopia has a permanent home here at Corva Bella. Cassie is of larger size for a Kunekune sow- 240 lbs and still growing. Even after she retires from breeding, she will live out her years here as one of our most beloved pigs. She is a daughter of Goose Meadow Farm Trish 1- Astrid, the first Trish bloodline born in the United States, and Barton Hill Ru 45- Middleton, one of the Ru boar imports from Barton Hill in the UK. Bred by Goose Meadow Farm.


Goose Meadow Farms Jenny 12 (view pedigree)

Enigmatic Chickie is our largest sow, and herd queen. At over 300 pounds, all other pigs are dwarfed by her size. She is one of our first two Kunekunes and will have a permanent home here to live out her years. She is truly a character, and we love her dearly! She is a daughter of Rocking Robin Ranch Jenny 4- Morgan, and Barton Hill Ru 40- Barclay, one of the Ru boar imports from Barton Hill in the UK. Bred by Goose Meadow Farm.


Suwannee Valley Kunekunes Rona 2 (view pedigree)

Anna is a lovely black and white gilt, daughter of KKP Rona 19- Pogo and KKP Boris 18- Kid Rock. Anna is an exceptional mother and had six piglets in her first litter. Her daughters Monalisa and Maria are junior gilts under observation as future breeders. Anna will be two years old in October and we estimate she will reach an adult weight of 225-250 lbs. She is broad, long and deep-bodied, qualities we feel are essential for pork production.



Kunekune Preserve Wilsons Gina 10 (View Pedigree)

Elisabetta is a daughter of USA Wilsons Gina 1- Portrait, and Kunekune Preserve Boris- Spun. She’s a beautiful jet black gilt, who we hope is the spittin’ image of her gorgeous dam, Portrait. She is still young and we plan her first breeding in late 2017/early 2018. She’s named after our Great Great Grandmother, Lucia Elisabetta Martin.


Updating pictures soon!



Suwannee Valley Kunekunes Jenny 1 (view pedigree) 

Hilda is a richly colored pumpkin gilt, a daughter of KKP Jenny 5- Ginger and Virginia Kunekunes Andrew 7- Wally.  Hilda is named after my Grandmother, Hilda Anna Calderan. Hilda is an exceptional Mother and we plan to breed her next to our Tonganui or soon-to-be-arriving Mahia Love/Jenny boar.



Gilts under observation:


Corva Bella Farm Rona/Ru


Maria Callas

Corva Bella Farm Rona/Ru