Looking forward to getting started with niche pork production with Kunekune pigs? Wondering how to manage it all and make it work?

Education can be expensive. A few years ago, we attended a pastured pork workshop. Our costs were close to $1500 to attend, and I lost an entire weekend of work on the farm and my other job. Our farm sitter was $485, the hotel was $300, the class was $150, gas/tolls/snacks/food were close to $400. It was about 13 hours of driving in each direction.

There’s a real need for folks who either can’t travel (or simply can’t afford to travel) to have access to business coaching and consulting to get started with raising Kunekune for pork. I aspire to help fill this need!

I’ve recently started offering consulting services. Truth be told, on a daily basis I’m contacted at least once and usually several times by folks across the country who have a lot of questions about getting started with raising Kunekune for pork. Most of the time, the questions are easily & briefly answered, but often, they would require a more lengthy amount of time. As a conservation breeder, hard working single parent, homeschooling Mom and owner of a second business which I operate full time, as you can imagine- time is scarce! One of the number one things we all need to do as farmers is to value our time, and the time we devote to our agribusiness. If we don’t value our time, who else will? Please note, that I will always be available to answer questions about pig care & health, feeding & farrowing, and more- to those customers who have purchased breeding stock from us! Pig purchases come with what we call “lifetime support”!

My consulting services are BUSINESS-RELATED, to help you succeed with Kunekune pigs for pork production, and marketing/selling your pork. To that end, I’m offering private consultations via email or telephone (or in person if you are local!) at a rate of $75 per hour. If this is something you are interested in, please use the contact form below to send in a query. I’m only able to offer one consultation session per week, at this time. All monies received from consulting go straight back into our conservation breeding program and help us to continue our work with Kunekune pigs and fuel our continual farm growth and diversification.

Got questions? Start writing them down! Kunekune pork production, for those getting started, isn’t your typical pastured pork. You’re producing craft pork, rare breed pork, heritage pork, ethically-raised pork, breed-specific pork, niche pork, artisan pork… ALL of those things! Your marketing, advertising and ultimately your farm’s business plan and goals is how you’ll forge forward.

Marketing and advertising are daunting for many. I come from a marketing and advertising background. I have a MFA in visual communication and graphic arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, a BFA in commercial photography, and worked as an art director for Saatchi & Saatchi before starting my own freelance art direction business, and ultimately, my own online business, which I’ve been managing for over twenty years. Our farm has grown quickly over the last few years, and I’ve poured my efforts into learning as much as I could about craft pork, Kunekune pigs, conservation breeding, pig health care, herd management, rotational grazing, and more…

Educating others is a passion of mine, and if you visit our farm’s Facebook, Instagram or browse around this website, you’ll see how often I strive to provide an informational experience to others. I believe there is a lot of information out there about Kunekune pigs, but also a lot of conflicting information. I write from the heart and hope to share our best practices and experiences with you. What we achieved results from, what we did not. I also realize that I’m operating an agribusiness and can’t afford to be an information kiosk, as time truly is precious. This is where the consulting comes in to play. For those circumstances where you’d like to have dedicated time with someone who is already successfully doing what you hope to be doing in the near future. I hope my services can be of assistance to your farm’s growth and future goals.





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