Available Meishans

We offer Meishan piglets as barrows (castrated males) and intact/registered breeding stock.


Breeding stock is limited, as the majority of our litters are grown out for meat. Our goal is to offer only the most exceptional animals as registered breeding stock, while the remaining animals are moved into our meat herd.


Barrows (castrated males) are ideal to evaluate the breed and see if it’s right for you, or if you’d like to grow pigs out for meat. Barrows are $200 each, and we maintain a waiting list by deposit.  If you don’t own other pigs, the minimum purchase for barrows is TWO, so that they can grow up together. Pigs are very social herd animals and need to be with another of their own kind.


American Meishan Breeders Association Registered Meishans: Exceptional top of litter picks for use as breeding quality, foundation level stock in your starter or established herd. Piglets of this caliber are $900 each, with a $200 breeding pair discount. Transportation can be arranged via ground or Delta air cargo. Piglets are available from 7-8 weeks of age, fully weaned and with initial worming.


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