Available Pigs & Piglets

Please follow us on Facebook for the most up to date availability of pigs for sale! We offer only our absolute best piglets as AKPR registered breeding stock. We don’t offer unregistered or pet pigs, as we are first and foremost conservation breeders of Kunekune pigs. Learn more about what conservation breeding means.


Check out our farrowing schedule if you’re looking for a specific pairing or blood line.



“Golden Boy”  Mahia Love/Jenny  Boar

This handsome Mahia Love/Jenny boar is available in four weeks. Cream boar with agouti, two thick and well-attached wattles. He’ll mature to a butterscotch color with paler cream underbelly and legs. Twelve evenly spaced teats.

Will be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped or ear tagged, and AKPR Registered.

Dam is Chickie (Goose Meadow Farm Jenny 12), Sire is Hedwig (Morgans Kunekunes Mahia Love)

Excellent pedigree, grandsire is Champion USA Mahia Love 25 (Get of sire and Classic Head Champion) and granddam is Champion AWE Jenny “Penny”. Other grandsire is Barton Hill Ru “Barclay” and the exquisite RRR Jenny “Morgan”, foundation sow at Ohio Valley Kunekunes.

Parents shown in last two pics.

$650, ground transport can be arranged.



“Dolly”  Wilsons Gina/Mahia Love Gilt

Lovely tri-color, double wattled Wilsons Gina/Mahia Love gilt available! Out of KKP Elisabetta x RSVP Joey Ramone (photos included). AKPR Registered, born 4/21, she is ready to go to a new farm. Vaccinated and wormed. AKPR 8030
This gilt is more petite than her littermates, otherwise we’d probably be keeping her for observation! We do skew towards the larger end of the spectrum with our pigs, so when I say petite, I simply mean that she isn’t large and in charge! She is more of a normal sized Kunekune gilt.
$650, ground transport can be arranged.


“Princess”  Wilsons Gina/Tonganui Gilt

Beautiful head and short snout! White/Black, unwattled gilt out of our herd Queen Prudence, and Tonganui boar, Giuseppe.

$650, ground transport can be arranged.