Rare Breed Craft Pork & Registered Kunekune Pigs in West Union, SC

Corva Bella Farm is the Mother and Son team of Connor Michael Bell and Cristiana Calderan Bell. Our sustainable, small permaculture farm is located in the Ebenezer region of Oconee County, in South Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge foothills.

The farm is named after my Grandfather’s birthplace- Corva, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, the name of which is most likely derived from the word for corvids in the Friulian mother tongue of the region- “corvat” and “corvat piçul”- hence our farm logo depicting a corvid!

My Grandparents were avid gardeners and some of my fondest childhood memories were spent learning to garden, bake, can and preserve food. While our love of Italy is evident, we are also passionate about the history of our home county and Southeastern Appalachia, championing locally-grown food and supporting local small business.

We offer top quality Kunekune breeding stock, with a focus on conformation, larger size and faster growth rates. Our conservation breeding program strives to produce Kunekune pigs with adult weights ranging from 250-400 pounds, and yearling weights of 150-175 pounds with body types best suited for maximum yield and cut size.

We have the largest and most genetically diverse herd of rare Kunekune pigs in the beautiful state of South Carolina, representing the following bloodlines: Jenny, Trish, Rona, Wilsons Gina, Awakino, Rebecca Gina, Ru, Tutanekai and Mahia Love. We maintain multiple members of each bloodline in our herd, for use in our selective breeding. Our foundation breeding stock was sourced from various breeders across the country, with goals of top conformation, increased growth rate and size. Many of our original breeders are offspring of imported stock.

Our rare breed heritage pork is raised in our forest land and on pasture, and is USDA processed and packed by an Animal Welfare Approved facility. Retail cuts and sausages are available for farm purchase by appointment, and at various local area farmers markets. This year we will be adding new sausage varieties, cured bacon and rendered lard to our offerings! You can find our farm provisions such as soaps, salves and balms, in our Etsy shop.

We are members of The Livestock Conservancy, Slow Food Upstate, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Good Faith Grown, Kunekune Pig Preservation Project, American Kunekune Pig Registry.

The name Corva Bella is a nod to my Grandparents and my Italian ancestry- my Grandfather was born in Corva, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. Corva is a tiny hamlet of Azzano Decimo, located in the province of Pordenone. The rich, fertile Meduna River valley marks this region in the most Northeastern province of Italy, an area famous for prosecco, polenta, gnocchi, and prosciutto. This land is dedicated to the farming of corn and fruit trees, as far as the eye can see. Corvids are birds such as crows, ravens, and magpies, and I believe that is the origin of the town name, as “corvo” is Italian for crow, as well as the word for corvids in the Friulian mother tongue of the region- “corvat” and “corvat piçul”- hence our farm logo depicting a corvid! In an area where the main crop is corn, I’m sure they are frequent visitors!

My Grandfather was an avid gardener. He grew yearly acres of corn, and the biggest heirloom tomatoes I’d ever seen. My Grandmother had a large organic garden that I helped her with. She taught me all about gardening, supplementing the soil, picking, pruning and preservation. We’d can and freeze vegetables, and make jellies, jams and pies with berries. These times were truly the best memories of my childhood.

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