Greetings. This website is terribly out of date, as I do the majority of my interaction via my Facebook page. I am no longer breeding kunekune pigs, and all breeding stock and piglets are spoken for.

Here is my post from April 13th:

This year will be my last breeding Kunekune pigs. I promised myself that after Connor enlisted, that I’d keep it up for a full year, and I’ll be fulfilling that promise I made to myself!

It’s been an amazing journey to raise Kunekune and Meishan pigs with my son. We learned so much together, and I think we helped a lot of people with their goals of self sustainability.

I’m dedicated to a self sustainable lifestyle full of personal food autonomy and foraging, but at this point, after doing this all on my own for the past 8 months, I’m ready to hang up my pig breeding hat. I likely will have 2-3 kunekune feeder pigs that I continue with, and then see how things go from there. I still love my pork, lard and who can live without guanciale or pancetta?! Not me!

It’s not been an easy decision, but the farm isn’t all that I do to support myself. I have a small indie cosmetic business I’ve operated for over 24 years (Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics) and I have a micro business crafting one of a kind Rosaries. These small businesses have often suffered, or had to take a back seat to the farm- as animals always come first.

Right now, the pig side of the business has been getting in the way of those very important ways that I support myself, and stealing hours of every day, leaving me with sparse time to devote to work that has supported me financially for the long term. There’s only so much that one woman can do in a single day, and out here in Oconee county, I’m far from my Greenville county farming friends. It’s been a struggle for me to find help, and I’m not comfortable bringing strangers onto the farm unless they’ve been vetted by a trusted friend or acquaintance. We have a lot of drugs and crime here. Over time I’ve grown more exhausted, stressed, and well- I’ve stopped enjoying breeding pigs, especially now that my son is gone. It was our thing!

At this point, most of my adult breeding stock has a list of interested parties, for when the time comes that I plan to part with it. I don’t yet have prices, or any specifics. Just keeping a list. It’s my hope that my adult breeding stock that represents years of hard work and dedication- goes to established kunekune breeders working towards pork production goals. I don’t feel comfortable selling these beloved pigs to those with zero pig experience, and these pigs are not priced cheap for dispersal.

Please understand that this is a difficult decision, but something I needed to bring to fruition as Lent comes to a close.

I want to thank everyone for your support of Connor and I on this crazy journey over the last seven years. Corva Bella Farm won’t be ending, it will just be adapting to a new set of circumstances. I’ll continue to have a few feeder pigs, to raise chickens and rabbits, maintain a year-round garden, and cook/bake from scratch, preserve food, etc!

I hope to still be here to help you with your pig questions, or if you need advice. Some wonderful people have helped me with advice along the way and I still have a lot to pay forward. ❤

As always, you can continue to support my shop through purchasing farm-crafted floral blossom jellies, jams (as we get into summer), and pig tallow-based soaps, salves and balms (soaps will return this summer thanks to a lard donation!) –>



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