Old post- please see first paragraph! Attn: placeholder deposits and waiting list for Spring 2022 litters:

2022 pairings can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/corvabellafarm/posts/3056727191251207

Note: this post is from January, but I’m still getting daily emails to be put on the list, or for a piglet. I am no longer breeding Kunekune pigs and have sold all of my breeding stock and have no piglets available.

I’m going to try to handle deposits and reservations a little different this year, in hopes of being more organized. If you are interested in piglets, GET ON THE LIST NOW. Sorry for the all caps, but the early birds get the worms here.

Here’s how it will work:

Get on my litter lists NOW- I’m not having so many litters that piglets will be plentiful. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that there is no registration quality piglet in that litter for you. If you are serious about a piglet, contact me with the litter list you want to be on. No money is involved at this point.

Once a sow has missed two heat cycles and shows physical signs of being pregnant (usually that’s a baby bump!), I’ll open that litter for a certain # of placeholder deposits. I don’t accept money until a litter is confirmed. I don’t feel that it’s right to do.

A placeholder deposit is a $100 deposit on a boar or gilt piglet in that litter. If a piglet turns out to be registration quality and you’d like that piglet, an additional $200 deposit then holds that piglet for you, and we then arrange pickup or transport after weaning and observation.

Remaining balance is due at pickup, or three days prior to scheduled transport. Vet fees for bloodwork, CVI’s and transport costs are additional. I evaluate piglets around 4-5 weeks of age.

So far, I have one sow that’s passed 42 days (two missed cycles) and appears pregnant. That is Asterope (Wilsons Gina x Ru), bred by Augustine (Mahia Love/Awakino). You can find more details about this breeding here: https://www.facebook.com/corvabellafarm/posts/3050822578508335

I plan to retain the pick of litter gilt from this litter for myself, as well as the rest of this year’s litters. I’ll be accepting a conservative TWO placeholder deposits for this first confirmed litter. I’ll accept additional names and put them on the speadsheet for this litter, and if additional registration quality piglets end up available, you’ll be contacted. Please note that I don’t accept any monies until a pregnancy is confirmed. There’s no shortcuts, it’s a waiting game.

Placeholder deposits ARE REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERRABLE if the desired piglet isn’t born in the litter.

Once a full deposit (additional $200) is placed, that deposit is then non-refundable and that piglet is reserved for you. If you’d like to put a placeholder deposit on Asterope x Augustine litter, send me a message. If both deposit slots are taken, I can still add you to the list in order of query received.

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