Buy a soap, help me make it to my son’s US AIR FORCE graduation!

Every year the soaps that Connor and I handcraft have been sold to raise money towards Connor’s USDA Youth Loan. This past December, we made the last payment on it!

This year, we’re looking at a very different scenario… soap sales will help Connor and I as a family to share time together at his US Air Force Graduation, this November. I wasn’t expecting graduation to open up, and combined with various challenges over the past 18 months, decided to utilize our yearly soap sales as a way to fund raise for this very special event.

Things such as air fare, car rental, hotel and of course- farm sitting and dog walking will all be required for me to get away for this short trip, as I’m a single parent with no partner and no family in the area. Any time away always presents me with unique challenges that others simply may not realize.

This will be my last year of producing a wide range of lard soaps, as I’m no longer harvesting pigs for USDA cuts. This means that my lard supply has stopped, other than 1-2 pigs I may harvest yearly for personal consumption.

Connor, my only child, will be shipping off in early September to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, then immediately afterwards to Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS, to begin his long technical school training to become an Air Force Weather Specialist. He’ll be in Biloxi for 9-10 months before being sent to his first duty station, which could be on any AFB in the world, or as a SWO (Staff Weather Officer) for the Army.

Thank you for helping Connor and I to share this special time together at his graduation!

Soaps require 30 days to cure enough for sale, so their ship by dates all differ. I’ll hold orders for multiple soaps until ALL soaps are ready for shipment. A batch of soap is 18 bars, so please note all soaps are of a limited nature due to this.

Currently, Maria, Spa Soaps, Rita, Francesca, Dymphna and Lucia are available to ship now.All other soaps are marked “SHIPS BY (date)”. What this means is that in an order with various soaps, your order will ship in one single shipment, after the latest available soap is fully cured.

Again, you can order any of the soaps at this time, but based on where the soap is in it’s cure time, the entire order will defer to the soap with the latest shipping date. If you have any questions about this, or aren’t sure how it works please ask for clarification!

I also have several new varieties I’ll be making, which are not yet announced. These will be one-off batches due to dwindling lard supply.

CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW TO VISIT SWAN SONG PROVISIONS, THE WEBSITE WHERE I SELL MY HANDCRAFTED ITEMS. (this is a separate site from this farm page because I also craft items unrelated to farming, and because I had issues adding e-commerce capabilities to this wordpress farm blog.)

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