Greenville Rare Breed Heritage Pork Delivery- we need your help to make it happen!


Corva Bella Farm is a small permaculture farm located in Oconee County, SC. We are unique from other pork-producing farm models in that our farm’s main focus is rare breed conservation. We maintain the largest and most genetically diverse herd of registered Kunekune pigs in the state of South Carolina, and we also work with rare and critically threatened Meishan pigs.

Our pork is also unique. It’s deep red and marbled, with firm and flavorful fat. Pastured pork fat is one of the healthiest fats in the world, believe it or not! The pork we make available is part of our conservation breeding program, where we strive to allow only the best examples of the breed move forward in our herd, or other farm’s breeding programs. Pigs that are weaker in breed characteristics, or not well-suited for breeding, become members of our meat herd.

At this time, we work on a very small scale, and only have enough pigs growing out to be able to offer retail cuts, sausages and dry cured bacon for sale direct to consumers. We don’t have enough pigs to offer whole or half hogs, roasting pigs, or to sell to chefs. These are all things we hope to transition into being able to do in the near future, as the infrastructure of our young farm expands, and we grow slowly without stressing our natural resources.

We did several farmers markets last year, and it was very difficult for us. As farmers, we have limited resources in that we’re a Mother/Son team. I’m also a single parent who homeschools and works a second job to make farming possible, as my Son more than anything wants to work in agriculture. He is currently 16 and we hope to have our farm at a stage in two years, where Connor can begin to take on a major role in crafting an agricultural career, working with our established breeding stock, and providing our unique craft pork on a wider scale, to high end chefs who want to elevate our breed-specific pork through snout to tail, whole hog artistry, as well as offering premium pig roasts, and potentially charcuterie.

For now, we dream of the future and work hard to educate others about the breeds we work with, and the unique pork that we provide. In lieu of being unable to attend more than one farmers market per week, we are hoping to set up a weekly delivery service to Greenville, SC. We don’t have the online reach to do this on our own. We need your help!

We are trying to determine the best date, time and place for such a delivery to take place. We used to live in Greenville so have basic geographic familiarity with the city and outlying areas. Our dream is to be able to take pre-paid pork orders throughout the week, and then on a weekly basis, make the two hour round trip into Greenville, to our delivery point, and within a set time window, meet you so that you can pick up your orders.

If you are interested in placing an order and being a part of our delivery, please send me a message through the form below! Underneath that form, I’ve included more information about our pork- price lists, photos of the product raw and also cooked.

You can also learn more about our pork here. And how we care for and feed our pigs, here.



Check out photos of our pork, both raw, and prepped or cooked into various dishes. Choose our pork for your next special occasion!

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