Pumpkintown Pork Delivery… every Saturday!

Let’s MEAT UP this Saturday, from 2-3 PM at Pumpkintown’s Mountain Market! We are now offering pork delivery to Pumpkintown during the market, so you can pick up your rare breed pork and enjoy the market!

This week, we have our full range of premium rare breed heritage cuts, as well as six types of gourmet linked sausages, and dry cured bacon. (See photos for list of varieties and also price list)

Delivery date is pending a minimum delivery total of $100 for all combined orders from all customers, because it’s a 90 minute round trip for us to Pumpkintown.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions, or would like to put together an order. I’ll get together the cuts and items you’d like, and message you back with a price. Payment is pre-paid, via paypal invoicing (you don’t need a paypal account to pay).

Then, we meet on Saturday from 2-3 PM and I’ll have your order bagged up and ready to go in my cooler!

I hope to make it to Pumpkintown for a “meat up” every week. Let’s make this happen. Put rare breed heritage pork on your fork!

Check out photos of our pork, both raw, and prepped or cooked into various dishes. Choose our pork for your next special occasion!

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