We are reducing our Meishan herd so that we can focus solely on our Kunekune breeding program. Our small, ten acre permaculture farm is best suited to only one breed, but we will be keeping a small herd of 3-4 Meishans to utilize in our rare breed craft pork production.

To that end, we have the following registered Meishan pigs available at reduced pricing. See photo album below for pictures of our available Meishans.

Located in West Union, SC about 30 minutes North of I-85 Exit 1 near GA/SC line.

Veterinary costs associated with CVI’s or blood testing (if required for your state) is additional and will be quoted separately.

  • Gods Blessing KungPao (Iowa/Illinois) proven boar, born August 2016 – $800
  • Gods Blessing ChinChin (USDA/Illinois) proven boar, SOLD- AWAITING PICKUP
  • Gods Blessing ShuMai (USDA) proven sow, SOLD- AWAITING PICKUP
  • Corva Bella Farm General Tso Jr. (USDA/Illinois/Iowa), (BOAR) born 5/2017 – $700
  • Corva Bella Farm Sakura (USDA/Illinois/Iowa) (GILT) littermate of General Tso – $700

Littermate gilts $600 each:

  • Corva Bella Farm MoMo (USDA/Illinois) (GILT) born 10/2017
  • Corva Bella Farm Lotus (USDA/Illinois) (GILT) born 10/2017
  • Corva Bella Farm Camellia (USDA/Illinois) (GILT) born 10/2017

** Our last pure Meishan litter is arriving 3/9, out of Gods Blessing Farm MooShu (not for sale) x Gods Blessing KungPao. Select piglets will also be available from this litter. If you are seeking an Iowa/Illinois boar, let me know ASAP as all will be castrated around a week old.

Breeding pairs are possible with the above. KungPao is ideally paired with Sakura (but also can be paired with Momo, Lotus or Camellia when they are old enough).

General Tso is ideally paired with Momo, Lotus, or Camellia.

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