Two Meishan gilts remain from MooShu’s 5/17 litter! $900 each- breeding pair discount available. 

Whether you’re raising to conserve the breed, or crossing with another breed to add the Meishan’s distinctive red meat color and gorgeous marbling to your product… starting off with American Meishan Breeders Association registered & certified pure stock is the way to go. (Check my album below for some photos of Meishan meat).

Gilts shown here are the actual gilts that are for sale. Reference photos of parents in album.

Get a head start on a Meishan breeding pair by putting a deposit down on one of these gilts which can be paired with a boar from our upcoming/unrelated mid-October litter from Gods Blessing “ShuMai” (100% USDA x Gods Blessing “Chin Chin” 50% USDA/50% Illinois). By February or March, a boar from this litter would be reaching maturity and the gilts will be also ready to breed.

Ground transport can be arranged. We are AMBA lifetime membership breeders located in West Union, SC.

These two gilts are going on 14 weeks and are out of the spectacular Gods Blessing Farm “MooShu” (50% Illinois x 50% Iowa) by Gods Blessing Farm “General Tso” (100% USDA) and of the rare “Shang” line)

These are pure/registered Meishan directly descended from pigs from the USDA and Illinois research herds, and the boar Rustik Rooster Wu, who traces back to the Iowa herd.

MooShu farrowed and weaned ten piglets in her first litter and displayed extraordinary mothering instincts. As a testament to the Meishan’s early maturity, MooShu was bred at 28 weeks of age, to then-16 week oldGeneral Tso. It was their first pairing, and she settled, having an easy farrowing.

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