With the rapid growth of MooShu’s litter of ten, we’ve been able to quickly determine who our litter picks are! This is a very exciting time for us, as we are working with previously unavailable genetics that have been isolated within the research lab projects for over 20 years. Our goal is to bring those genetics back together and selectively breed back to the appearance of the classic Chinese Meishan, as seen in the illustration I adapted for use in the American Meishan Breeders Association logo, which originally appeared in a book by Charles Darwin from the 1890’s!


Today we chose our top pick boar, who will be named after his late sire, General Tso.  He is out of the USDA boar “Shang” who is also deceased, making this a lost and now very rare Meishan boar sub-bloodline from the USDA group. We are excited about the genetic value and diversity he’ll add to our trio of working foundation boars.

Corva Bella Farm General Tso Jr. is 100% foundation bloodlines, pure certified Meishan and will be AMBA registered. 50% USDA/ 25% Illinois/ 25% Iowa.


We are also retaining the top two gilts from this litter, Corva Bella Farm “WonTon” and Corva Bella Farm “DimSum”… photos of them coming soon!


All remaining boars have been castrated, so unfortunately we aren’t able to offer any boars from this litter. We tried, but were unable to find a buyer, and Meishan boars need to be castrated early, because they reach sexual maturity very quickly.


We do have two gilts available from this litter as registered breeding stock, and have an unrelated litter hopefully arriving Mid-October (or Mid-November) pending confirmation of a successful breeding of our 100% USDA gilt to our 50% USDA/50% Illinois boar, ChinChin.


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